Haunted History of New Orleans Sparks Mystical Print


The truth is that New Orleans, with its long, rich history of illustrious characters and wild adventures, is thoroughly and permanently spooked.


It’s this fabulous creepiness, this otherworldliness, that inspired our hand-painted Mystical print and graphic T-shirts featuring New Orleans’ defining architectural fixture, the shuttered shotgun house.

In 1682 a brave explorer named LaSalle made his merry way right to the end of the Mississippi River. He claimed the land for France and so begins the sprawling tale of a precious city that would be claimed and reclaimed, bought and sold, fussed and fought over for many centuries, leaving behind a colorful stream of stories, proper legends and epic poems.

And, oh yes…ghosts.


You can feel their presence here. In the thick, humid air. On the breeze over the river. They say their spirits are stored in the wood of the houses of the French Quarter and embedded in the soggy earth beneath the crooked sidewalks running from the infamous Ninth Ward, all the way Uptown past Audubon Park.

Meanwhile, fortunetellers wait in the shadows, behind curtains in haunted houses, to uncover their visitors’ deepest desires. You see, New Orleans is home to the wisest, most intuitive seers in the world. These intriguing creatures possess the peculiar ability to unlock the mysteries of the psyche and foretell a future of many adventures yet to be had.


Perfect for Halloween parties and fall playtime, and only available in limited quantities, our Mystical leggings and dresses are dotted with black cats slinking around lampposts and bats circling the yellow moon. Ghosts peek out from behind the shutters, boo boo boo. All around, there lies a delicious darkness under a lavender sky.