We tip our hat to New Orleans' Jazz Fest and Kentucky's Derby


With New Orleans’ Jazz Fest kicking off this Friday (Sting is headlining!) and the renowned Kentucky Derby racing next Saturday (go Magnum Moon!), it’s important to dress our bottled beverages (sparkling sodas and the like) for all the fun.

This imaginative and super simple Kentucky Derby Party Drink Hats DIY Project shows girls and their mothers how to accessorize drinks or decorate MissArtemiss Jazz & Magnolia dresses with pins perfect for the occasion.

Follow the below instructions, courtesy of Alyssa & Carla, to create your own bottle hats or festive pins.


Things you'll need...

·      Small straw doll hats

·      Embellishment suggestions (the sky's the limit!): feathers, sequins (the more the better!), thin ribbon, tulle ribbon, small silk flowers (hydrangea stems shown but mini roses would be a classic Derby choice), any other small embellishments you can find (see styrofoam birds below)

·      Glue gun and scissors

·      Bottled soda or any bottled beverage of your choosing ;)

·      To use the hats as pins for your dresses just pick up some pin backs



1.     Gather your small straw hats, embellishments, and warm up your glue gun.

2.     Let your imagination run wild and fancy up your hats however you like! 

3.     Decorating tips: for the floral hat (my personal fave), trim off the flowers’ stems but be sure to keep a small bit of the stem to preserve the flower’s shape.  And to add an ultra feminine veil to your hat, cut about 9 inches of your tulle ribbon, fold it into fourths, pinch the open edge together and glue to the underside of the brim.  If you have any trouble gluing the tulle just bind the open edge with thread and attach to the underside of the brim. Fluff the tulle to your liking!

4.     Once the decorations have dried, top your bottled beverages with their new hat.