MissArtemiss Gets Green


After a fun-filled St. Patrick’s Day, let’s keep the celebrations of green going by taking a closer look at our lovely and evergreen planet earth.

With parts of the world experiencing droughts it’s important that we, as citizens of the world, examine the ways we can improve water sustainability.  For example, fashion’s dyeing processes present the serious problem of water waste.  Water, a finite resource, is essential to the fashion industry’s fabric dyeing processes: the world uses 1.3 trillion gallons of water each year for fabric dyeing alone… that’s enough water to fill 2 million Olympic sized swimming pools (The Apparel Industry's Environmental Impact in 6 Graphics).  However, despite this heavy water footprint, the business of self-expression also offers us an opportunity to reduce water consumption.


Working to solve this dire debacle, MissArtemiss searched high and low and traveled across the United States (to east and west coasts) looking for an eco-friendly way to make our custom fabrics.

After months of hard work and research MissArtemiss can say that our dresses and leggings are sustainably printed with ZERO waste, NO water consumption, and 100% recycled printing materials.  You see every one of our custom fabrics use a non-polluting process that employs heat, not water or harmful chemicals, to transfer our artwork onto fabric, forever embedding their vibrant colors and crisp details into the fabric itself. 


So not only are our dresses and leggings helping to save water, they are giving our customers high quality printed product that will not fade or crack after each simple, cold-water wash.

Shop our new and environmentally conscious printed dresses and leggings.

Leslie PhillipsComment