MissArtemiss Muse: Joan of Arc

MissArtemiss Muse Joan of Arc

"I am not afraid...I was born to do this."

-Jeanne d'Arc


Born to a peasant family in a quaint French village during the Hundred Years War in 1412, Joan never learned to read, write, or even how to mount a horse.

However, when she was just 13 years old she began to hear the divine voices of St. Michael, St. Catherine of Alexandria, and St. Margaret of Antioch urging her to save their country from English invasion and to crown their Dauphin, the rightful King of France.

Although small in stature Joan was big at heart and one day she found the courage to accept this intimidating mission. 

But in order to meet the Dauphin and convince him of her worth as an untrained military strategist she knew she must at least look the part.  So she cut off her hair, dressed in men’s clothes, and she proudly mounted a horse before setting off to see the heir to the French thrown.

Joan of Arc stood strong as she convinced the doubting Dauphin that she, a simple peasant girl, could defeat the enemies her male predecessors could not. 

And so Joan of Arc introduced feminism to the

15th century.

After much convincing, many theologian inspections, and one secret meeting with the Dauphin, Joan led soldiers to liberate the besieged Orleans, earning her the title, “The Maid of Orleans”.

Her victory brought about many other triumphs: it gave France the courage to continue fighting for their freedom until their ultimate victory at the Battle of Castillon and it lead to the crowning of the Dauphin: Charles VII, the King of France.

Despite Joan’s faith in herself, courage to face the impossible, and love for her country, she was captured and her life was cut short. 

A heroine of France and a Saint of the Catholic Church, Jeanne d'Arc will forever be remembered in our hearts as “The Maid of New Orleans”. 



Join us on January 6th as we celebrate the birthday of Joan of Arc and the Twelfth Night with New Orleans' Krewe de Jeanne d'Arc.

You see, every year the Krewe de Jeanne d'Arc hosts a French Quarter walking parade to commemorate their namesake’s life and to kickoff the beginning of the Mardis Gras season.

Their family-friendly parade consists of toasts, a sword blessing, and ends with the crowning of the king and king cake ceremony.

For those in New Orleans, parade festivities begin at 6:00pm at Toulouse and Decatur and will end at Jackson Square, just in time for riverfront fireworks at 9PM.

Wishing you all lots of courage and king cake this Mardis Gras season!

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