A whimsical mix of bees and fleur de lis inspire girls to go forth and conquer, as Napoleon so infamously did.

Did you know that Napoleon Bonaparte loved honey bees? It’s true! Napoleon used bees during his reign as symbols of his kingdom's power and prestige. 

Like the former emperor of France, bees are small and mighty—and very, very important.


To symbolize modern girls' power and prestige, MissArtemiss combines bees with fleur de lis, another favorite icon of Napoleon and an important badge of our city, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Fleur de lis roots run deep.

Not only is this stylized lily a representation of New Orlean's resilience, it is a centuries-old emblem of French royalty (dating way back to King Louis VI), the state symbol of Louisiana, and an insignia for the New Orleans Saints football team (WHO DAT!).

And there's another connection between these two Napoleonic emblems: an upside down bee is the same shape as a fleur de lis, so they look great together, splashed on our leggings and dresses.

We hope the whimsical mix of these two powerful symbols inspires every girl to go forth and conquer, as Napoleon so infamously did.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we invite you and your little to follow our homemade Honey Stix recipe (below) and gift them to your family and friends.

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We wish you all a sweet and loving Thanksgiving!


MissArtemiss Honey Stix Recipe!

Instructions/Photos provided by: Jason Poel Smith, DIY Hacks and How Tos

Honey Stix - The End.jpg
Honey Stix - Ingredients.jpg

Honey Stix Ingredients:

1. Adult Supervision!

2. Organic Honey

3. Clear Straws 

4. Candle/Lighter

5. Needle Nose Pliers

Honey Stix - Trim Straws.jpg

1. Trim straws straight and to your desired length.

Honey Stix - Fill.jpg

2. Insert the straw into the honey cap to fill.

Hold the straw level to honey cap as you squeeze honey inside.

Leave 1" empty on the opposite end.

Drain the honey to the center of the straw.

Honey Stix - Hold for Sealing.jpg

3. With the pliers, pinch the open end of the straw

closed leaving 1/8" remaining past the pliers (for sealing).

Honey Stix - Sealing.jpg
Honey STix - Sealed.jpg

4. Hold the pinched straw near the flame to melt/seal.  

Once sealed, continue pinching and pull the straw away from the flame to cool.  

Wait a few seconds to create an airtight seal and then release.

Honey Stix - Hold for Final Sealing.jpg

5. Hold the straw upright to drain honey down to the seal end.

Repeat step 4 @ other end.

Honey Stix - The End.jpg

Have a sweet and happy Thanksgiving!  

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