Our Story

Artemis the Huntress:

The epic adventures of our namesake goddess.

We believe girls are epic.

Which is why we named our line of clothing for imaginative, adventurous little women after none other than Artemis, Greek goddess of the wild, lover of animals, and protector of young girls.

When she was three years old, Artemis sat at the knee of her father, Zeus. She asked him to grant her six wishes.

The simplest of these was a bow-and-arrow and knee-length tunic, so she could hunt. She didn’t want a city in her name or a gorgeous god to fall in love with. She just wanted to stay pure, rule the mountains and assist women through the important stages of young girlhood.

You see, Artemis had already taken it upon herself to midwife her twin brother, Apollo, for her mother, Leto, right after she was born. And so this brave, resourceful girl-goddess spent her divine childhood seeking out the tools she would need to become the greatest huntress and woman-protector of the heavens and the earth. Followed by a band of 60 cloud-nymphs, she entertained herself in the hills with her preferred pastime, archery.

Now, Artemis took hunting quite seriously. Those who challenged her, be they god or man, only strengthened her desire to succeed.

When Adonis claimed to be a better hunter, Artemis defeated him. And when Agamemnon annoyed her by hunting a sacred deer in a sacred grove, she asked for his only daughter in sacrifice. He brought the girl to the altar, but Artemis, ever a protector of girls, rescued her.

Artemis had many suitors, most of whom she ignored. Of those who tried to win her over, one she struck down, another she turned into a girl, and yet another was magically transformed into a deer.                                                

Yes, Artemis was the kind of goddess who was cool until you crossed her.

Her hunting buddy Orion was the only one who could capture her heart, as he was her equal. No one else could really keep up with Artemis in the hunting department. She rewarded his loyalty and support by placing him among the stars, where we can still see him twinkling every night.

Artemis was admired all over the ancient Greek world. If you were good to Artemis, the ancients believed, she would be good to you. To honor her, girls would gather at an annual festival dedicated to her. It was held at the site of the temple to Artemis at Brauron, which was built by Agamemnon's daughter Iphigenia at Athena’s demand. Remembering Artemis’ love of animals, the girls would wear bear masks, act like bears, celebrate Artemis as the Great-She-Bear and just generally enjoy their own wildness.

Sounds like fun to us!


MISSARTEMISS Girls Clothing About Us

MISSARTEMISS was spawned as an imaginative collection of girls’ apparel in New Orleans, Louisiana, a most curious place.

Inspired by our magical surroundings, the line rests happily on hand-painted prints that celebrate the untamed nature of our beautiful city and its unique ties to the cultures of the world.

In the realm of MISSARTEMISS, bees mingle with fleur de lis, alligators and frogs slither in the swamps, black cats and fortune tellers roam the streets.

And feisty girls are the queens of it all.

They are born goddesses, strong and powerful, clad in clothing as wild as their own imaginations, dreaming of blue waters, lavender skies, dark nights and hot days.

MISSARTEMISS garments are made with great care, by women, for little women, each piece designed for adventure, exploration and inevitable world domination. 

Leslie Phillips Headshot.jpg

Leslie Phillips, Founder/Creator, was first struck with the dream of creating her own girls' clothing collection at Pitti Bimbo, the legendary children's wear trade show in Florence, Italy. 

Inspired by all the colors, creatures, and intricate craftsmanship that surrounded her, Leslie remembered her own childlike wonder and she immediately fell in love with the whimsical world of children's clothing. 

Following worldly travels and with a degree from NYC's Fashion Institute of Technology, the allure of food, music, and family ties drew Leslie to the endlessly colorful city of New Orleans, Louisiana.  

In New Orleans Leslie recognized her same adventurous and creative spirit among local girls so she decided to combine her love of Louisiana culture with the idea that little women should be clothed mightily, in hand-painted prints that run wild with imagination.  

And so MISSARTEMISS was born.